What does TRANSIP mean?

TRANSIP is an acronym for Transport Systems Improvement Project.

TRANSIP has three sub-project components:

  • A – Traffic Management and Road Safety in the City of Addis Ababa ($190.1M).
  • B – Improvement of Integrated Urban Planning and Transport System ($2.8M)
  • C – Road Safety Intervention and Institutional Strengthening of Selected Federal Transport Institutions ($107.1M)

For components A and B, Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Bureau (AACATB) serves as the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), and Addis Ababa City Road Authority (AACRA) leads all procurement and financial management activities.

For component C, previously FTA and now Ministry of Transport and Logistics (MoTL) serves as the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) on behalf of themselves and several beneficiary entities including Ministry of Construction, Federal Traffic Police and others involved in road safety compliance.